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Tumoroid Biobank

Tumoroid Biobank of OncoClew
  • Establishment of best-in-class tumoroid biobank
  • More than 1,000 patient-derived tumoroids from five types of most common cancers
  • Possible to select a patient-derived tumoroid according to types of gene mutations and expression levels
The Partnership with Korean Best Hospitals
Tumoroid Biobank of OncoClew (2022.4)
* Continuous expanding the biobank sclae by securing additional tumoroids through partnerships with the Korean best hospitals
(Plan to secure additional brain tumor, breast cancer, and pancreatic cancer)
Tumoroid Biobank-based OncoClew’s Business Model
  • New anti-cancer drug and patient-specific drug evaluation service"and "development of new anti-cancer drug" are in progress by the establishment of Oncoclew Biobank based on tumoroid and big data