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Tumoroid-Based Drug Development

Tumoroid Based Drug Development
  • Patient-derived tumoroid maintains the phenotype and genotype of the patient's cancer tissue
  • It is possible to perform PDD (phenotype-based drug discovery) by phenotype reproduction of patient tumoroids, and also utilize TDD (target-based drug discovery) using genomic big data
  • We are developing our first-in-class and best-in-class anti-cancer drugs by Tumoroid-based drug optimization that combine the advantages of PDD and TDD.
  • We are conducting drug repositioning(repurposing) based on the established own tumoroid library.
Utilizations of Tumoroid-Based Drug Development
  • Tumoroid-based drug development has excellent advantages in terms of reliability, scalability, and economic feasibility compared with existing pre-clinical models
  • We intend to maximize efficiency and success rate of drug development through collaboration with diverse organizations by utilizing Tumoroid-based drug development